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Membership is open to any individual interested in promoting the vision and mission of VCDA and who has interests in or professional responsibilities for providing career development services such as counselors, career specialists, job placement specialist, human resource professionals, career resource managers and others.

All members of VCDA must also be members of the Virginia Counselor's Association (VCA) and therefore, will receive any benefits associated with VCA membership.  VCDA membership is processed by the VCA Membership Director.

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VCDA Member Benefits

VCA Member Benefits

Apply by Mail (PDF)

Membership Categories

  • Professional membership is for those who hold at least a Master's degree and identify counseling as their profession. 
  • Regular membership is available to those who do not hold a graduate degree in counseling. 
  • Graduate student membership is available at a reduced price to those pursuing a degree in a career development field, including counseling.
  • New Professional: The VCDA member caegory of New Professional is reserved for members in the first and second years in a new role as a counselor or related staff.  New Professionals pay a reduced fee, which is the same as students. New Professionals are eligible to vote.
  • Retired status membership is available at a reduced price to those who have been active in a career developement field, and have retired from full time employment, and who want to continue their association with VCA and VCDA.

For the above membership categories, you can apply online or download the VCA/VCDA Membership application(PDF) and mail it to the VCA Membership Director:

Mail Membership Forms to:

Virginia Counselors Association
316 Hodges Cove Road
Yorktown, VA  23692

Contact VCA Membership Director
(800) 225-8103

All other questions regarding VCDA Membership, email VCDA Membership Chair .


VCDA is a proud Division of the Virginia Counselors Association (VCA), and
a State Division of the National Career Development Association (NCDA).